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Picture of Pittsburgh Bagpipe Player.Bagpiper, George Balderose, Pittsburgh

George is co-founder and Executive Director of the 'Balmoral School of Piping and Drumming' founded in 1979, and instructs and performs on the Highland pipes and Scottish smallpipes.

The NY Times has called George a "Virtuosic Piper" and he has performed four time with the Pittsburgh Symphony, in concert with various ensembles, and at weddings and funerals in over 300 churches in Western Pennsylvania. He piping has been recorded on several CD's including: 'The Dewars Bagpipe Festival', 'A Celtic Christmas', 'The Way Home' and 'Garden of Daisies', with the ensemble Road to the Isles, and 'Confluence' with the organist Ed Norman.

Web; www.pittsburghpiper.com Tel; 412 323 2707

Photo of The Pittsburgh piper with a bride & groom.

Bagpiper Seán O'donnell, Pittsburgh

I have been a bagpipe performer for more than 25 years. I have studied under some of bagpiping’s best and won various piping awards throughout the eastern United States and in Canada.

A seasoned bagpipe player with decades of stage experience, I have played the bagpipes at weddings, funerals, parties, parades, and more.

Choose The Pittsburgh Bagpiper Seán O’Donnell to help make your event something your friends and family will talk about for many years.

Choose experience and get a reasonable price.

Web; www.SeanODonnellBagpiper.com Tel; 412 298 8782

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